The Tall Tales of Enoch

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By Alan Ostroff

Starring Lance Hayes, Jimmy Mavrikes, Kimberly Wilpon, Dan Reardon, JZ Zaeske

Infinity Producing Artistic Directors Anna Roberts Ostroff and Alan Ostroff are very excited to announce that Infinity Theatre Company and Bay Theatre Company are teaming up to give something special to kids in Anne Arundel County and beyond this summer - actually, two special somethings!

Infinity and Bay are collaborating to present two original shows for children. Building on Infinity's successful 2011 summer run of Stories - Live and In Person, we will bring this clever trio of silly fables introducing kids to the fun of live theatre back to Annapolis. Second, we are proud to present the Annapolis premiere of The Tall Tales of Enoch, a heart-warming tale of a third-grade problem child who makes up tall tales about himself, and fools everyone around him, until his friends show him how to be the most impressive thing of all - himself. Audience participation is encouraged!

Tall Tales of EnochBoth shows toured to cheers of joy in New York City: "...some of the loftiest theatre to which our young students have ever been exposed...were thoroughly entertained and learned a lot...thank you for providing our students with such a rich theatrical and educational experience." - Teacher, The Renaissance School, Queens, NYC


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