The Emperor’s New Clothes

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Grab your royal attire and come hear the latest announcement from the News of the Realm… The Emperor loves fashion! He will spend a fortune in gold and gems for a weaver to create the most fabulous robe ever seen! However, the crafty weaver claims that his beautiful fabric is invisible to those who are hopelessly witless. Will the kingdom be able to see the Emperor’s new robe? Will the swindling weaver be found out? Based on the classic folktale by Hans Christian Anderson, this story challenges the imagination and questions perception of leadership and truth, through the eyes of a child. The comedy mounts through outrageous performances, audience participation, original music, and lively dancing. THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES is a royal romp and fabulous fashion extravaganza for all ages!

Infinity Theatre Company is excited to bring a new adaptation of this classic and hilarious tale by E Gray Simons III – who also adapted last summer’s popular show, PINOCCHIO!

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