Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Infinity Theatre Company’s 2020 Season has been canceled until further notice.

To our past, present, and future audience:

In light of the current pandemic, we want to extend our well wishes during this difficult time, with even more sympathy and hope than is usual, for each of us together.

Unfortunately, but perhaps not surprisingly, we are cancelling the 2020 Infinity Season and Shows until further notice.

Just like many companies, we are facing a budgetary shortfall with long-ranging implications, so any donation to “keep the lights on” until changes in the pandemic is greatly appreciated. Many people question the donation and effort made to the arts during a time when health and community should consume all of us. But art is a factor in both. Art defines community and removes the distance inside it, and creates a space of mental and emotional well-being and inspiration, including for essential workers. We hope you feel this sense in this digitally connected age, whether you are at home or at work providing the service that keeps us all going. We look forward to again culminating this feeling in one of the ancient pillars of civilization, in the warm hearth of the theatre. And we imagine that hearth will be a further commemoration of the current work of our essential workers, to whom we now take a moment to state, “Thank you.”

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We leave you with a lyric from one of the two shows we were preparing for 2020, SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE. In the 1880’s, the title character, a painter, sings to his mother, who laments the appearance of the Eiffel Tower as the replacement of the familiar to her:

“All things are beautiful, Mother
All trees, all towers beautiful
That tower beautiful, Mother, See?
A perfect tree.
Pretty isn’t beautiful, Mother
Pretty is what changes
What the eye arranges
Is what is beautiful.
I’m changing
You’re changing
I’ll draw us now before we fade, Mother
You watch while I revise the world.”

Anna & Alan Ostroff, Co-Producing Artistic Director